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In news from Caring Dads Europe, The Salvation Army in the Netherlands (Leger des Heils) recently published an article in their Kans (Chance) magazine sharing an emotional but ultimately redemptive story that illustrates the efficacy of the Caring Dads program. The article "Papa is Boos" (Daddy is Angry) tells the story of Brand, a 50-year-old father of two boys aged 9 and 11, and a participant in a Caring Dads programs offered in the country.

In Brand's own words he "wanted to be a tough father who offers safety, but [he] turned out to be insecure". He describes how he would sometimes explode at his children, and the abusive behaviours which followed. While heartbreaking, this is also a story of hope. This interesting read (in Dutch) is powerful example of how Caring Dads can positively impact fathers with similar experiences through the practical, child-centered fathering techniques taught in the program.

Brand benefited from the seventeen sessions of the Caring Dads program and learned more about the interests of his children. He also learned techniques to deal with difficult situations. Brand describes one of these as an emergency button: 'If I feel anger, I will chop wood. Sometimes make I go for a walk and I'll shout it out." He summed up his experience with Caring Dads as follows:

"Do you dare to look in the mirror and say: this is not going well? If you have the courage to seek answers questions, Caring Dads can be the best thing that ever happened."

Both Brand his Caring Dads Facilitator, Sander van Leer, talk about the added value of Caring Dads training in this video.


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