About the Reporting System

About the Reporting System

The Facilitator reporting function forms the backbone of our robust quality assurance mechanism, as well as our ongoing program evaluation conducted at the University of Toronto. Your reports help make Caring Dads a responsive, dynamic program; and allows us to continually develop and improve. Thank you!

Facilitating a Caring Dads group entails the creation of 3 reports. The first, the Closure Report, is intended for use internally and in communication with referring agencies and collaborative partners (child protection, justice, and mental health systems). The remaining 2 reports, the Post Group Participant Survey, and the Facilitator Group Data submission, are designed for research and quality assurance purposes at Caring Dads and are completed and submitted online. These two reports should each take no more than 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

Creating Group Codes

Please assign a unique 6 digit code for each of your groups using the button at right. You’ll need to share this code with fathers in your group when they complete their Post Group Participant surveys, and you’ll use the same code when you submit your Facilitator Group Data. You do not need to include this code in the Closure Report.


Closure Report

Closure Report

To ensure that the Caring Dads program is accountable to the safety and well-being of children, we believe it is necessary to write a clear and well-conceptualized final report for each Caring Dads client. Although time consuming, these reports are critical for providing the broader child protection, justice, and mental health systems with the feedback (both positive and negative) necessary for making better decisions about children’s needs. Certificates of group completion or group participation checklists fall short of this goal.

In writing final reports, we recommend that facilitators focus on direct examples of men’s accountability, responsibility, attitudes, and reported behaviour. Clear and detailed case notes of men’s progress through sessions are very helpful for this purpose. Our reports include a summary of why each man was referred to the program, a description of his contact with his children, his record of attendance and participation, and his progress through the program. In considering men’s progress, we make reference to the four major goals of the Caring Dads program; in particular, we comment specifically on clients’ progress, and lack of progress towards: 1) engagement and openness to change; 2) development of child- centered fathering; 3) accountability for abuse; and 4) ability to rebuild a trusting relationship with their children. Finally, we make recommendations about other services that may be helpful for clients.

Download Closure Report Template (Microsoft Word Document)

Post-Group Participant Survey

Post-Group Participant Survey

This survey is administered during the final group session (Week 17) and can be conducted in 3 simple steps:

1. Make sure that you have first created a group code - see “About the Reporting System” tab for more. This step is critical to ensuring that your data is accurately collated.

2. Ask the fathers in the group to head to the following link and complete the survey. Remind fathers that the information they submit is completely anonymous and that all questions need to be completed.


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Please note that this survey can be completed on any device that can access the internet and the response are stored automatically. If for whatever reason you are unable to have fathers complete the survey in the way described above (internet access for example) , please click here to download and print a PDF copy of the survey for each participant. After collecting the responses from fathers, you will then need to either scan and email the forms to us, or send it via post. Please contact Sarah Webb (sarah@caringdads.org) for additional details.

Facilitator Group Data

Facilitator Group Data Submission

You complete this survey as a Facilitator. While you will only submit this data after the conclusion of the group, you will need to collect information right from the intake and referral stages. It’s a good idea to take a look at the format of this report below so that you’re familiar with the information you’ll be reporting on before you start your group. Again, just 3 steps are required.

1. Use the same group code that you created for the Post Group Participant Surveys.

2. Head to the following link and complete the survey. After submitting the form, you will receive an email confirmation along with a PDF copy of your submission.


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