Leadership Team


Tim Kelly

Lead Clinical Site Director

Tim Kelly MSW RSW has worked with abusive men since 1986 and is Executive Director of Changing Ways, a social service agency for men who abuse women in Ontario.

Tim has spoken both nationally and internationally on issues related to violence against women and children and community collaborations. Much of his efforts have included engaging men to end violence against women and children.  He has collaborated with women’s advocates and child protection leaders to develop programs and processes to engage and hold men who perpetrate gender based violence responsible for their actions and systems accountable for change. 


Katreena Scott

PhD, Lead Program Developer

Dr. Katreena Scott is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto and the Canada Research Chair in Family Violence Prevention and Intervention.

Dr. Scott is recognized internationally for her intervention work with abusive fathers and nationally for her research on effective interventions for intimate partner violence. She has authored over 40 articles and book chapters on the development of violent relationships, the efficacy of service to male batterers, the effect of abuse and trauma on children, and on empirically and ethically sound policies for working with abuse perpetrators. 



Operational Team


Rick Mulvaney

Business Management

Rick’s involvement in the not-for-profit sector spans 18 years, at both operational and governance levels, providing business management expertise that ensures accountability, sustainability and clarity to funders & community. 

Rick’s strong passion for ensuring sustainability of community-based social services that support marginalized or underserved people, drives his need to fully understand not just the numbers, but the program model, required inputs and desired outcomes; thereby, allowing him to provide a more fulsome approach to his strategies, systems and practices that support the mission of an organization.



Training Faculty

Carina Corradi (Spanish Language)


Nathalie Grenier (French Language)


Monique Yeoman (Australia)


Fiona Edwards (Australia)


Damian Green (Australia)


Dermot Brady (UK / Europe)



Elaine Gaskell-Mew (UK)



Matthew Tattersley (UK)



Linda Stevenson (UK)




Our Manifesto

Caring Dads is a program with the primary aim of enhancing the safety and well-being of children. Furthermore, we recognize that children's safety and well- being is integrally connected to the safety of their mothers. We therefore believe that it is impossible to responsibly address parenting without simultaneously addressing men’s abusive actions towards children’s mothers. 

We work towards ensuring that our interventions to end family violence place appropriate responsibility on fathers to keep their children safe, and we use a gendered lens in our understanding of the impact of men’s violence in intimate relationships. 

We understand that for the abusive, neglectful, domestically violent and high-risk fathers entering our service, the need to enhance child-centred fathering takes precedence over teaching child management skills.

We commit to working together across agencies and sectors to ensure that Caring Dads complements and enhances existing efforts to end men’s use of violence in their families. We further commit to work collaboratively in active partnerships with other professionals involved in men’s families to share information, monitor changing levels of risk levels, and address escalation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Download full version of Our Manifesto here.




At Caring Dads we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals that share our commitment to making a difference to our women and children by helping fathers to become better parents and partners.. You can check out our current openings on our Careers page. If you don’t see an opening, please don’t hesitate to send us your resume and a cover letter to info@caringdads.org



Accredited Professionals


View a comprehensive list of Accredited Professionals here.