Trainer Development

In addition to accrediting Facilitators to run Caring Dads intervention groups, Caring Dads also comprises a "train-the-trainer" model. Caring Dads Trainers fall into two categories:

Accredited Trainers who train new Facilitators at events organized by Caring Dads around the world.

Independent Trainers who work privately, or within organizations, to train Caring Dads Facilitators at independently organized events.

Accredited Trainers

All Caring Dads Trainers start as Facilitators. After successfully conducting a minimum of 2 Caring Dads Groups, and achieving satisfactory program evaluation and quality assurance results, Facilitators are invited to apply for the Caring Dads Trainer Development program. We will need an updated resumé/CV and supporting statement.

In particular candidates should demonstrate their ability to develop ongoing partnerships with child protection agencies, women’s advocate groups and batterer intervention services, particularly where these are not part of your own organization's services.

Tuition last four days and includes post-course clinical oversight which supports new Trainers as you co-deliver a minimum of 1 Facilitator Training with either our Lead Clinical Site Director, or Lead Program Developer. Candidates are remunerated for this Facilitator Training event. Should you achieve satisfactory training evaluation and quality assurance results, you will become an Accredited Caring Dads Trainer.

As an Accredited Trainer you will have a contractual agreement with Caring Dads to deliver Facilitator Training at events organized and sponsored by Caring Dads.

Independent Trainers

Accredited Trainers who wish to offer Facilitator Training events which are sanctioned by Caring Dads but organized independently may decide to become Independent Trainers.

In order to do so, a Trainer must have delivered a minimum of 3 Facilitator Trainings as the sole presenter while achieving satisfactory training evaluation and quality assurance results. Upon achieving Independent status, Trainers enter a contractual agreement with Caring Dads to deliver independent Facilitator Training within the specific geographic location or agency they've identified.


Partner Agencies

Caring Dads Partner Agencies host Caring Dads Trainers and training events.

In addition, we’ve collaborated on program implementation, innovation, research & quality assurance, grants & funding

To discuss how your agency can partner with Caring Dads to move the needle on intimate partner violence & child maltreatment in your community contact our Community Manager, Sarah Webb.