In select locations and contexts Caring Dads accredits Facilitators to become Trainers. These trainers are then able to run the 2 day Caring Dads Facilitator Training events in their country of accreditation, and the Facilitators they train are in turn recognized and accredited by Caring Dads in the country in which they have been trained.

Becoming a Caring Dads Trainer involves first becoming a Facilitator and running a number of successful Caring Dads groups. In addition, Trainers must have demonstrated their ability to develop ongoing partnerships with child protection agencies, women’s advocate groups and batterer intervention services, particularly where these are not part of their own organization's services.

Often Trainers are also regulated social service providers (e.g., registered social workers, probation officers, or counsellors). In cases where these qualifications are not required, the agency hosting the potential Caring Dads Trainer must have procedures in place to ensure ethical and professional conduct of staff.

Trainer events bring together experienced group leaders for in depth discussion of challenging group issues. Topics include:

  •  Advanced skills for avoiding confrontation
  •  Working more effectively with referrers
  •  Practice in identifying core treatment goals for clients
  •  What to do when men do not appear to be changing
  •  Processing challenging information from mothers

Trainer events are interactive and participatory and involve review of footage of past Caring Dads groups. Participants are encouraged to bring case examples and challenges to work through. If you believe you're ready to accept the challenge of becoming a Trainer we invite you to contact us using the form at the right of this page. 


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