Trainer Reporting & QA



The Trainer reporting function ensures that the Facilitators you have trained have understood and assimilated the knowledge required to deliver the Caring Dads Group Intervention program. Moreover, the quality assurance component of these surveys ensures that you as a Trainer have met the requirements of professionalism and presentation skills for Caring Dads accreditation. In addition we also use the reports from new Facilitators to evaluate whether that the materials we produce for use in training events is adequate, and whether that the venues we use for training meet expectations. 


The submission of just 1 reports is required for each Caring Dads Facilitator Training:

  • Report 1: Caring Dads Training Evaluation


Data must be collected during every training and be submitted within 7 days after the conclusion of every training event. Please remember that failing to report to Caring Dads will result in revoking of your license to represent yourself as an “Accredited Caring Dads Trainer” or “Caring Dads Independent Trainer”, as well as your license to train any Caring Dads Facilitators.

Please note that both as part of our commitment to the environment, and due to the requirements of statistical analyses and record keeping, Caring Dads only accepts online and electronic submissions for reporting. You can learn more about the valuable impact of this decision on the environment here.


1. The information about collecting responses from participants at your trainings is included in the final slides in the "Caring Dads Training Slides" in your shared Google Drive. Please be sure to use the latest version of the slides.

2. For every training, please create a unique Training Code using the button at right and your initials, eg. JP900343. Share this Training code with the participants of the events so that they are able to include it in their survey responses. 

3. If you require any help with the reporting process either email us at or make use of the Pro-Portal forum here.



Report 1 - Caring Dads Training Evaluation:

This report comprises aggregate data of responses to the Caring Dads Training Evaluation Survey which is completed by new Facilitators after the conclusion of a training event. There is no need to aggregate the data yourself, we will take care of this centrally. We simply need to capture the responses from your training participants which may be done in two ways. Either:

1) Share the following URL with your participants: For your convenience this URL is already included in the final slide of the "Caring Dads Training Slides" powerpoint deck. Simply instruct the participants at your event to complete the survey on their smartphones, tablets or laptops at the event. You may also choose to email your participants the link, or perhaps open the evaluation page on a device at the training venue and have participants enter their responses one by one.

This is certainly a preferred method since surveys completed this way will have their responses collected automatically and there is no need for you as Trainer to enter the data again. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that every participant at the training event completes this survey within 7 days of your event.

2) Alternatively, click on the button below labelled "PDF - Caring Dads Training Evaluation Survey" to download and print a PDF copy of the survey for each Facilitator you survey. After the Facilitators have completed the survey, collect the responses and enter them into the Google Form one by one. This method ensures that you will capture all of the participant's responses, but does take longer since you need to re-enter the data electronically.