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Training Slides

Training Slides

Clinical Consultations


Use this slide template when making a presentation about Caring Dads.

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Invoice Caring Dads

Invoicing Caring Dads

Accredited Trainers & Partner Organizations can invoice Caring Dads for Payments and Rebates. Check our pricing page for the latest rates. Caring Dads pricing, rebate structure and payment schedule may change without notice. In order to ensure that you are always using the latest available pricing information, return to this page each time you would like to make an invoice, and either copy or download the latest version of the Google sheet. You must be logged into Google with your Caring Dads email address to access this resource.

Schedule Training

Schedule Training

ONLY Independent Trainers can use this page to schedule a Facilitator Training event.

Important Information
Scheduling a Facilitator Training event involves a 2 part process: First making this application online; and secondly, having the application approved by Caring Dads. Making an applications to host an independent Facilitator Training event does not guarantee that the application will be approved. Only approved events may be conducted. Applications must be made between 365 and 90 days prior to an event. Caring Dads will review and authorize applications within 14 days. Approval of applications is dependent on the applicant Trainer being in good standing with the organization. Additionally, scheduling decisions are made in light of pending or approved applications by other Independent Trainers, and/or previously scheduled Accredited Trainer events in the same geographic location and in the same language of instruction. Only make applications subject to the restrictions of § 2.4.1. of your Agreement. Caring Dads’ decisions on scheduling of Facilitator Training events is final.
Trainer Name *
Trainer Name
Facilitator Training Event Day 1 *
Facilitator Training Event Day 1
Remember that Caring Dads Training events are held over 2 consecutive days. Simply list the first day of your proposed Training here.
Proposed Facilitator Training Venue *
Proposed Facilitator Training Venue
Include Venue Name.