Private Clinical Consultation

Private Clinical Consultation


These sessions are run by either Dr. Katreena Scott - PhD, Lead Program Developer, or Tim Kelly - Lead Clinical Site Director and are 1 hour in length. You are able to book 2 or more hours in a single session by simply increasing the quantity in your purchase.

As the developers of the Caring Dads program, both Tim and Katreena are the best possible resource regarding all facets of Facilitation and Training. Moreover, they have amassed a collective wealth of experience surrounding abusive fathers, effective interventions for intimate partner violence, violence against women and children, and community collaboration.

The Clinical Consultation sessions are designed to allow for discussion and mentorship of clinicians who use perpetrator-based interventions and those working in the broader community of gender-based violence. They are ideal for gaining a deeper understanding of strategies and techniques used to work with fathers, helpful tips in providing the most effective approach possible and ways to understand how best to deliver and administer interventions. The sessions are attended by therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists with lots of lively discussion, clinical questions and interesting cases.

As part of our commitment to the environment, Caring Dads only accepts online payment methods. You can learn more about the valuable impact of this decision here.

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