Caring Dads Workbook - 3rd Edition (English PDF)

Caring Dads Workbook - 3rd Edition (English PDF)

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The Caring Dads Workbook is used by fathers attending the group intervention sessions.

This is a digital product, you will receive a secure link to the file lasting 24 hours after the first download. Caring Dads no longer produces printed workbooks as part of our commitment to the environment. You can learn more about the valuable impact of this decision here.

Once you have completed your transaction, and after downloading and saving your Workbook to your computer, you can choose to email that file attachment to your personal device email. Additionally, you can transfer the file via USB or by burning it to a CD-ROM. 

Per Caring Dads Terms and Agreements upon purchase of a Workbook, only one user may have access to read the PDF, but you may store the PDF in an archive on your PC and still have a readable file on your device.

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