Welcome to the Caring Dads Resource Center! Here you can find videos images, articles, forms, brochures, flyers, and manuals designed specifically for professionals who work with fathers in the Caring Dads program. All clinical resources made available on this website are overseen and approved by our Clinical team. If you're looking for something in particular, the search box below can help:



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Program Resources 

Use these resources for running Caring Dads groups. Downloads include our Management Manual and Program Standards, the Program workbook, templates for reports and forms, and supporting documentation. We have also included diagrams and images, along with links to YouTube playlists with videos that may be useful in group sessions.


Program Evaluation Research

Download all the resources needed to implement Caring Dads Program Evaluation Research. Also included in this section are evalaution reports of Caring Dads programs conducted by independent bodies around the world. 

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Marketing Resources

In this section you will find resources for promoting the Caring Dads program, including copies of our logo. We have also provided a selection of pre-made materials which you can modify and use. Please ensure that you download and read our Brand Identity Guidelines before using any Caring Dads promotional materials, including our logo.

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Theory, Journal Articles & Conference Materials

Download a copy of the Caring Dads Theory Manual as well as a wide selection of academic research pertaining to intervention programs for abusive fathers. In this section you will also find materials presented at previous Caring Dads conferences.

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