Do you want to know more about the Caring Dads Reporting System?


Caring Dads is fortunate to have an essential partnership with the University of Toronto!

An integral part of what makes this partnership notable includes the ability to provide reports on all of the Caring Dads groups running across the globe.

Facilitating a Caring Dads group entails the creation of three reports.  The three main areas of the Caring Dads Reporting System are:

1.     Facilitators/Agency feedback for each experience

2.     Fathers who have completed the group

3.     Final report written by facilitators for each father

 1. Facilitator Feedback on each group experience: This is the Facilitator Group Data submission.  On the Pro-portal of the Caring Dads website, group facilitators can access an online form to enter information on each round of Caring Dads groups they run.

 2. Fathers who have completed the group:  This is the Post Group Participant Survey. After each father has completed the 17-week group he is provided with a unique group code that he enters to access an online survey.  The father is then asked about his experience with the group and any changes in his behaviour.

3. Final report written by facilitators for each father:  After the 17-week program is finished the facilitators write a final report for each of the fathers who completes group.  The report includes information about what was covered as well as feedback for the fathers on each topic.  Facilitators also will indicate if they are worried about any risk the father may still pose to his family.  This report is then provided to the father, the referral source as well as it filed as documentation at the agency. *This information is not accessed by the University of Toronto and is housed confidentially at each agency who offers the program.


Why are these reports so important?

Caring Dads takes the information from the first two reports (Facilitator group data & Father’s surveys) and creates an automatic report to provide back to the agency.  This includes program outcome data that each agency can use to report back to funders as well as for quality assurance purposes.  Facilitators can learn from these reports to see areas for improvement as well as job satisfaction by seeing the impact they are having on their community.  This reporting also holds the Caring Dads accountable to ensure quality programming is being delivered to the service recipients (Children, Moms and Dads).

*For more information about the Caring Dads Reporting System please email: and include CDRS in the subject line.



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