Invoicing Caring Dads / Changing Ways (London) Inc. is an easy process which we have simplified further by providing templates for use by our Accredited Trainers. You can invoice Caring Dads using either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. 


Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet solution, similar to Microsoft Excel, which runs in your browser window. Google Sheets comes bundled with an Google account, so you will already have Google Sheets available.

Login with your address. Copy the Invoice Template sheet using the button below. Fill it in, then select "Download as" - "PDF". Email the completed invoice to


Download the Invoice template, fill it in, save it, and email to



Caring Dads pricing, rebate structure and payment schedule may change without notice. In order to ensure that you are always using the latest available pricing information, return to this page each time you would like to make an invoice, and either copy or download the latest version of the Google sheet or Excel file.