Facilitator Training

Caring Dads is a trademarked intervention program that is run exclusively by our accredited Facilitators. If you'd like to join a leading, international network of clinicians working in the fields of domestic and gendered violence we invite you to attend one of our Facilitator Training events which are held in various locations across the globe. Check out upcoming dates and venues on the right of this page.

Who should attend?

Caring Dads Facilitator training is appropriate for any professional interested in working with fathers (including biological, step, or common-law fathers) who have who have physically abused, emotionally abused or neglected their children, or exposed their children to domestic violence, or who are deemed to be at high-risk for these behaviors.

Our training attendees commonly include batterer intervention program group leaders, child protection workers, counselors working within child and family mental health services, victim advocates, probation officers and their supervisors and managers. Other professionals that are sometimes involved include psychologists, violence prevention educators, substance abuse counselors, healthcare workers, police officers, native leaders, clergy and military personnel.

Course Format

Facilitator Training events are held over 2 days and introduces participants to the principles and values that guide the Caring Dads program. We then move into interactive training on the program material. Role plays are used to demonstrate key exercises and participants have the chance to acquire and practice skills in leading group exercise.

Topics include, among others:

  • Caring Dads program goals, principles and values

  • The need for intervention with fathers

  • Child-centred fathering

  • Referral, intake and collaborative case management

  • Mother contact

  • Case reviews

  • Supporting community collaboration

Clinical Consultation

4 mandatory Clinical Consultation sessions follow the Facilitator Training course - these sessions are designed to offer clinical oversight and support to new Facilitators as they deliver their first Caring Dads groups. 

Clinical Consultation sessions are delivered via webinar and comprise a video section, a live Q&A with an accredited Caring Dads Trainer, a knowledge assessment, and an evaluation component. The Clinical Consultation series should be completed within 1 year of Training date. After completion Facilitators are fully accredited and certified. 


Becoming an accredited facilitator involves both tuition and licensing:

Tuition: $900 CAD

Course tuition includes lunch and refreshments, as well as an electronic copy of the Caring Dads program manual. Also included is a series of clinical supervision sessions to support you as you conduct your first Caring Dads groups.

Annual License Fees: $100 CAD

Annual licensing fees support the ongoing development of materials needed to run group sessions, our Reporting & Quality Assurance system, and a host of other resources. Annual license fees also cover access to our online Pro-Portal.


The Pro-Portal is where facilitators and trainers:

  • Participate in our Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation system. Surveys may be administered and submitted online, and our accredited professionals receive detailed reports for every group or training they run.

  • Access a host of constantly updates resources, including handouts, slides, videos, intake forms, recruitment and promotional materials.

  • Consult, connect and share experiences with other Caring Dads professionals in the free forum.

Terms & Conditions

Accreditation is a once-off process, however, attendance at one Caring Dads conference every two years is strongly advised (Conferences may be attended via webinar).


Training Dates