Welcome Facilitator!

This page will prove a valuable resource as you conduct Caring Dads group interventions in your organization and/or community. We have collected all of the most important information concerning Facilitators and the requirements for successfully implementing the Caring Dads model on this page for you to use as a guide.

Important Information

Being a Caring Dads Facilitator

At the centre of the Caring Dads implementation model is the following statement: "Caring Dads is a trademarked and copyrighted intervention program that is run exclusively by accredited Caring Dads Facilitators, in good standing, and according to contractually mandated guidelines"; in practice, delivering the Caring Dads Group Intervention program in a manner that ensures high program quality and fidelity involves ensuring several compliances listed below.

1. Before delivering any Caring Dads programming, ensure that you are an “accredited Caring Dads Facilitator”

  • You need to have attended a Caring Dads Facilitator Training Session on the current edition of the manual. If you were trained in a previous edition of the manual you may wish to update your training. In addition you should attend at least 1 Caring Dads Conference every 2 years. More information on the complete Facilitator training process here.

  • Make sure you’ve signed the Caring Dads Facilitator Training & Accreditation Agreement, paid your Annual License Fees, and listed your location. Complete this on-boarding process here.

  • Once you’ve completed both the Training course and the Clinical Consultation sessions, update your accreditation and order your certification here:


2. Ensure that you are in “in good standing”

  • You will receive an automatic email 2 weeks before your License lapses, and all memberships are set to auto-renew, but you may check when your license expires by selecting “Manage Memberships” after logging into your personal account page here.

  • Updates of the Program Manual are regularly distributed online and are free to all Facilitators in good standing. You can check that you are using the latest version of the Caring Dads manual by visiting the Pro-Store here.

  • To help you conduct, manage or promote Caring Dads we have a set of constantly updated downloads, forms, video links and a host of other tools and resources here.

  • Keep up to date with any important announcements, and connect with other accredited professionals conducting the program in diverse communities around the world by visiting the Pro-Forum here.

  • Also check out news from Caring Dads on the blog here.


3. Ensure that you are delivering this program according to the “contractually mandated guidelines”.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Facilitator Training & Accreditation Agreement. This entire document is critical, but please pay special attention to § 2, 3, 6 and 7 which detail your responsibilities, accreditation and reporting requirements. You can download a copy of the text of the Agreement here.

  • Complete Reporting procedures for every Caring Dads group you conduct. The submission of 3 reports is required for every (Pre-Group Participant Survey, Post-Group Participant Data and a Facilitator Survey). The entire system is online here.