Hello & welcome!

This page will guide you through 3 simple steps to complete your legal and professional registration as a Caring Dads Facilitator. The whole process should take about 10 minutes to complete online.

If you're a new Facilitator please ensure that this process is complete before your Training commences so that you have access to all the materials required at your Training event.


Sign your contract below and then finalize the confirmation via email. You will receive an electronic copy of your contract via email. Caring Dads uses a secure online, digital process for signing documents powered by Signable, which meets the legal requirements of electronic signatures around the world. 


Registration includes paying your Annual License Fees ($100 CAD/year). Complete the process by clicking the button above, filling in your information and checking out. As a non-profit agency Caring Dads does not charge tax. You can use almost any credit or debit card to check-out via our secure Stripe payment gateway. 


Head on over to the Pro-Portal Store and download a copy of the latest version of the Caring Dads Manual and Workbook. These core products, and subsequent updates are always free for accredited Caring Dads professionals. You can also browse the many other Resources available to you, or connect with other professionals and the program developers in the Forum. Now is also a good time to check out Reporting requirements.

Please remember that while you've completed registration, the accreditation process doesn't end at the Facilitator Training event you attend. You will also need to attend 4 Clinical Consultation Sessions (see § 6 of your Caring Dads Facilitator Training & Accreditation Agreement for further information) All 4 sessions must be completed within 1 calendar year of registration to avoid having to repeat the training process.