Caring Dads & The Environment

We're asking a little less of the planet, a little more from ourselves

We all know that the Earth’s resources won’t last forever, and yet we rarely critically examine our own consumption patterns to determine how we can reduce the load we are placing on the environment. Despite being headquartered in Canada's "Forest City", Caring Dads has historically involved using a lot of paper, both in our offices and in the products our accredited professionals use to deliver our programs. We've taken a strategic decision to live out our values and take a stand for the environment by going paperless. This decision affects our entire organization, and you as our valued Caring Dads Professionals. We'd like to take a minute to inform you about what going paperless entails, and to ask you to stand with us!


What we're doing:

  • All our communications (both in the office, and with our accredited professionals) are now conducted via email/phone instead of posted letter.
  • All our contracts are now signed electronically - please read this page for more information about how to sign a Caring Dads contract.
  • We no longer own a fax machine and will not be able to accept documents in this way. 
  • All our filing is done on hard drives, servers or online and we do not use filing cabinets.
  • All invoices from Caring Dads will be sent via email or made available online without being printed.
  • We accept payments made online only. If we need to accept cheques, we will levy a $10 (CAD) surcharge on these which will be donated to the Reforest London - a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with the London, Ontario community to enhance environmental and human health through the benefits of trees.
  • Perhaps most importantly, moving forward Caring Dads will no longer publish our manuals. Instead these are made available as either PDFs, MOBI or eBook files. We ask you to please respect our trademarks and copyright and not copy these files illegally. We also ask you to not to print out these manuals unless absolutely necessary. 


It may seem like a small change for one organization to make, but by moving to a paperless system, together are able to save approximately 13 trees every year, both at Caring Dads HQ and through our accredited professionals!