Partnership with Caring Dads

Here’s how to go about bringing our range of programing to your community, whether you’re operating as a Facilitator, Trainer, or Partner Agency at the local, state or federal level.


Facilitator Training & Trainer Development

We offer both Facilitator Training (for professionals who would like to conduct Caring Dads groups), and Trainer Development (for professionals who would like to develop the skills to in turn train other Facilitators). 

The first step for many organizations is piloting the program. The minimum requirement for offering the Caring Dads program at your organization, or as an independent professional within your community, is having a single accredited Facilitator. However, we strongly encourage co-facilitated groups and our best practice model requires at least 2 accredited Facilitators. 

Facilitator Training Courses are 2 days in length, while Trainers attend an intensive 4 day course. Both courses have extensive post-course clinical supervision (between 4 months and 1 year) to support newly accredited professionals as they conduct their first groups or trainings.



Partnering with Agencies & Professionals

The Caring Dads methodology emphasizes collaborative practice across professionals working with members of men’s families. Similarly, we work closely with our accredited professionals to support and grow their practices. Caring Dads demonstrates it's commitment to social enterprise through a system of Payments, Rebates & Royalties that reflect this supportive relationship. 

No matter your level of participation in the program, we've designed the model to be supportive and easily accessible. We're always ready to work together with you on how we can improve on this. We're also glad to work with our partners on on grants, funding applications, reporting, quality assurance, or any other question surrounding Caring Dads.

Please take a look at the presentation below for a deeper dive into the practical application of Pricing for Tuition and Licensing, Payments and Rebates available for Accredited Trainers, and Royalties paid by Independent Trainers. We try to be as transparent as possible with our pricing so that you are able to see exactly what level of financial commitment is necessary to establish Caring Dads in your organization or as an independent professional. For a custom Implementation roadmap, please contact Jean-Paul at jeanpaul@caringdads.org.