Clinical Consultation Session 1

Welcome to the first session in the Clinical Consultation series! This session covers Weeks 1 through 3 (i.e. Goal 1) of the Caring Dads program.

Before attending the webinar it's ideal to have facilitated weeks 1 - 3 of your first Caring Dads group, and completed the associated Self Reflection guides (links below). If you haven't progressed this far in group, save this page and return to it to refresh your learning.

The videos below provide best practice scenarios and input from the Caring Dads program developers for the same 3 weeks.


Video Resources 



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2. Use Chrome or Firefox. 

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3. Network Firewalls

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4. Other ways to attend

Dial-in is available. The number and webinar IDs are listed under "about this webinar"on the webinar page:

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Self-Reflection Guides



1. As you go through the Clinical Consultation process, keep a note of the dates when you attended each session, and who the Trainer was.

3. Once you have completed all 4 Clinical Consultations, head to the Certification page to finalize your accreditation.