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About our Organization

Achieving Better Change For Families is a child-focused programme.   We value children and their wellbeing and want to ensure children can maintain relationships with their fathers, that are safe, healthy and free from fear.

At Achieving Better Change For Families we want to see an end to Domestic Abuse and abusive fathering. We believe that children deserve to be protected and nurtured within a family unit that places their needs first.

We want to empower and equip fathers to realise the importance of their part in their children’s lives, and in doing so achieve better change in their parenting by addressing abusive behaviours and patterns and repairing relationships within their family.

Achieving Better Change For Families will work in partnership with all other relevant agencies, sharing relevant information and adhering to Child Protection and safeguarding responsibilities.


Our Facilitators

Lindsay is a qualified social worker, trained mediator and Registered Intermediary, working with children and families for the last 15 years.  She has worked in child protection and within the Court setting.  

Lindsay has a particular interest in working with abusive fathers to realise the impact of their behaviour upon children’s development, and desires to see abusive fathers change to become better partners and parents.

Tara is a qualified social worker, mediator and Registered Intermediary.  Tara has worked with children and families in child protection and the Court service for the last 20 years. 

Tara has a special interest in restoring families by achieving better change in father’s so children can enjoy safe and positive relationships.

Our Programs

Achieving Better Change For Families provides Caring Dads programming across Northern Ireland, with the first group commencing September 2018 in the Lisburn area. Need will determine the location of additional groups.


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